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Tue, Mar. 2nd, 2004, 07:03 pm
jediwizard: i finally found it! lol

so yeah, i dunno if anyone ever goes here, but i thought i would try posting something in here... a while ago i actually thought about it after seeing RotK again, but i feel connected to alot of characters in LotR (a shock i'm sure)

i feel that i possess some qualities of gandalf, but also others, i can be blinded by power - well, sorta evil,if not blinded by power - like saruman, and i can be stuborn and stupid, and later feel sorry for myself, but make up for it in the end, kinda like Theoden, and i'm a little like Legolas, in that i can shoot a bow fairly well (for not doing much interms of lessons in MANY years) and i can sorta be like his character. and then i feel i have a little of Galadriel in me, not her possessed-ness so much as her sense of humor maybe, lol, and then we all have a little of frodo in us, i think.. as well as some of the other hobbis i think.. blah, lol, in the end i can relate to almost all the characters... there was a group of people i had thought of, but that was then i don't know, it's easy to fill alot of the places of the characters, but maybe that's just me...

neway, jess said to post LotR things here, so i decided to say this here rather than in my journal, just htought i'd try it out seeing as i'm going down LotR nostalgia lane looking at a "collectors store" catalog and wanting to buy stuff, and the oscar victory of course made me really wanna see it again (just cuz...) and of course, it'll probably leave soon, and i can't go this weekend, which sadens me, but i'm gettin goff the point, lol, so yeah, that's all, farewell